Size advice | Scooter covers

Suitable size advice for many scooter models is listed below, so that you can easily order the correct cover-size for your scooter.

AGM | Aprilia | Ebretti | Gilera | Honda | Kymco | Malaguti | Peugeot | Piaggio | Sym | Vespa | Yamaha

You may not be able to find your scooter on one of the above pages. You can still easily select the correct size by following the measurement instructions below.

Measurement instruction

Measure or find the length of your scooter and compare it to the measurements in the table. If you are in doubt between two sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us. The advice applies to the CUP and BARR scooter covers.

  1. Scooter length
  2. Size
Scooter length
1.60 – 1.85 mtr
Scooter length
1.85 – 2.10 mtr