Tips for car winter storage

Although there are beautiful days in autumn and even winter to enjoy driving a sports car, classic car or convertible, many car owners of these cars opt for winter storage. In this case, cars are stationary for a longer period of time and it may be useful to observe the tips below. The chance is then greatest that a car will come out of its hibernation the following spring without any problems.

The parking space

To prevent rusting during storage, a dry and ventilated room is required. The most ideal storage location is also frost-free and has a regulated humidity.

Go for a ride

Before not starting the car engine for months, it is advisable to allow the engine system to reach operating temperature, preferably after a longer drive. As a result, no moisture remains in the engine and exhaust system.

A full tank of gas

Prevent condensation in the tank by parking the car with a full fuel tank. Choose a petrol type with the lowest possible ethanol content, such as BP Ultimate 98 or Shell V-Power. Ethanol-containing petrol ages quickly and attracts moisture.

Windows open

Open the windows on both sides of the car slightly. This allows the interior of the car to ventilate and any moisture can be drawn away.
Lubricating motorcycle chain with dedicated chain spray grease
Lubricating motorcycle chain with dedicated chain spray grease

Battery on trickle charger

Apply some Vaseline to the battery cables and connect the battery to a trickle charger. Because the battery is charged 'pulsingly' in this way, it remains in good and charged condition and the engine will start without problems after months of standstill.

Inflate tires extra hard

By inflating the tires 0.5 – 1.0 bar harder than normal, 'square' tires are prevented. In addition, it is advisable to roll a car several times per storage period from position in order to change the pressure on the tires.

Handbrake, clutch and brake pedal

Do not put the car on the parking brake but in 1st gear or reverse. A parking brake applied for a long time can get stuck. It is also advisable to depress the brake and clutch pedals every now and then during storage. This keeps the hydraulic system moving and prevents soft parts from drying out or getting stuck.

Clean and dry

It goes without saying, but put a car properly cleaned/polished in storage. Don't forget to vacuum and clean the inside as well. Treat a leather interior with a suitable maintenance product and replace the cabin filter if necessary to prevent mold in the filter.

Car cover for indoor use

An indoor car cover can be used to keep a car clean and free from dust during storage. A good indoor car cover also protects against minor scratches/damage caused by, for example, walking by or pets. DS COVERS offers a wide choice of indoor car covers.

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