The best motorcycle cover

When the weather is nice there is no better means of transport than a motorcycle. Every holder of a motorcycle license will certainly fully agree with this. Whether it’s a weekend tour or a weekday commute, no means of transport gives you a freer feeling than a motorcycle.

Nevertheless, many motorcycles are not used daily and many are regularly parked for shorter or longer periods of time. Indoors or outdoors. To ensure that a motorcycle is clean, dry and ready for the next ride at all times, a proper cover can offer a solution. In the article, we have outlined the most important considerations that should be taken into account when choosing the best motorcycle cover for your bike.

Is the motorcycle cover used indoors or outdoors?

It goes without saying that there are covers suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Indoor motorcycle covers are often made of soft, breathable material and are therefore only intended for motorcycles that are parked indoors or under a roof and are not exposed to rain, for example. They ensure that motorcycles remain protected against dust, dirt and scratches from passing by or pets.

Outdoor motorcycle covers are intended for motorcycles that cannot (temporarily) be stored indoors and therefore must be protected against the various weather elements (rain, snow and UV). This places higher demands on the material, which must, among other things, be 100% waterproof.

Where will the cover be used?

Do you mainly use the cover in one place, for example at home, and do you have enough space there to store the cover properly? Then you can, for example, opt for a cover that is somewhat larger in size when folded, such as the ALFA motorcycle cover.

If you usually keep the cover in one of the suitcases of your motorcycle and/or take it with you on your motorcycle holiday, it is in most cases smarter to choose a cover that is more compact when folded, such as the DELTA motorcycle cover.

How intensively will the motorcycle cover be used?

A motorcycle cover that is used 365 days a year will of course have to withstand more than a cover that is only used for a few days or weeks a year. This fact is also important to take into account when choosing a motorcycle cover for outdoor use.

Thanks to the soft lining and the heat-resistant material at the exhaust positions, our ALFA motorcycle cover is a very strong and solid cover and therefore suitable for long-term and frequent use. The more 'basic' DELTA motorcycle cover is the cover to choose for motorcyclists who only want to protect their motorcycle under a cover for a few days/weeks a year.

Select the correct size

Another important aspect of choosing the right motorcycle cover for your motorcycle is choosing the right size. Motorcycles come in many shapes, sizes and designs, so unfortunately there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ motorcycle cover.

After extensive analysis of the most diverse motorcycle makes and models, we have developed our own size range. For example, we now have size series for ‘Regular-Fit’, ‘Topcase-Fit’ and ‘3W-Fit’.

We continuously monitor the dimensions of new and old motorcycle models against our dimensions, after which we add the size advice to our now very extensive size tables. This makes selecting the right size for almost any motorcycle very easy.

The best motorcycle cover?

The best motorcycle cover for a motorcycle therefore depends on the type of motorcycle and where, against what and how often the motorcycle in question needs to be protected. In any case, there is a good chance that you will find the best motorcycle cover for your motorcycle within the DS COVERS range.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact us.