Indoor motorcycle covers

The vast majority of motorcycles stand still during the autumn and winter months. Either stored indoors or outdoors. Motorcycles that are parked outside are often protected by an outdoor motorcycle cover.

Motorcycles stored indoors are not always placed under a motorcycle cover. However, a motorcycle can also get dirty in the garage or shed, meaning you will have to do a lot of cleaning in the spring before you can hit the road again. A scratch from walking by or from a pet that loves to nap on your bike is easily made into the paint. For these reasons we have included a series of indoor motorcycle covers in our range.

Keeps your motorcycle dust-free

Most garages/sheds where a motorcycle is stored during the winter are not cleaned weekly. And as various handyman / DIY work often take place in the same space, bikes stored for the winter season can become quite dusty, even in places that are difficult to clean.

It is therefore certainly recommended to protect a motorcycle in the above situations with an indoor motorcycle cover. The FLEXX motorcycle cover for indoor use is ideal for this and has a so-called 'Stretch-Fit'.

If you put your motorcycle clean under our FLEXX indoor motorcycle cover at the end of the season, you can take it out just as shiny again at the start of the new season.

Indoor breathable motorcycle cover

A big difference between an indoor motorcycle cover and an outdoor motorcycle cover is that an indoor motorcycle cover does not have to be waterproof. This makes the material of an indoor motorcycle cover often breathable; at least the FOX and FLEXX motorcycle covers. If some moisture/condensation unexpectedly occurs under the cover, it will easily disappear through the material.

Carport motorcycle cover

Motorcycles are regularly parked in a 'semi-indoor' situation, such as under a carport or in a parking garage. An indoor motorcycle cover can be used as long as the motorcycle cover is not exposed to rain. If there is a chance that the cover could become wet due to rain, for example due to wind, it is better to use an outdoor motorcycle cover.

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