E-bike cover

Riding an e-bike is still gaining in popularity. It is easy and environmentally friendly. Electric variants can be found in more and more cycling disciplines and they are becoming increasingly attractive in terms of price.

A disadvantage of an e-bike is that it has much more vulnerable parts than a ‘normal’ bicycle. Think of the computer, the pedal support, the battery, etc. It goes without saying that due to these vulnerabilities, an e-bike needs better protection than a regular bicycle. Especially when it is often outside, but also when it is stored indoors for a longer period of time.

DS COVERS has developed various bicycle covers to protect your e-bike. Our outdoor bicycle covers for electric bicycles have been developed to protect your e-bike against rain, dirt and UV and have useful features such as an elastic hem, lock holes and ventilation. They are often delivered in a handy storage bag, which makes them easy to take with you, for example on vacation.

The FLY indoor bicycle cover has been developed for indoor use. This keeps your electric bicycle clean when you store it in the shed during the winter months, so that dust and dirt cannot find their way to the above-mentioned vulnerable parts of your e-bike. The indoor bike cover is made of a very soft material and has a fully elastic hem.

If you have any questions about protecting your e-bike with one of our covers, please contact with us.