Outdoor motorcycle covers

Not every motorcyclist always has access to a garage or other indoor facility to store his/her motorcycle dry. Fortunately, most modern motorcycles can also be parked outside for a longer period.

One disadvantage of long-term/frequent outdoor parking is that a motorcycle becomes wet and dirty due to the different weather types. And let’s face it: there is nothing more annoying than a motorcycle that gets dirty without even driving one meter. That’s exactly what we thought and that’s why we started DS COVERS in 2012 ;-).

Waterproof motorcycle cover

One of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, of an outdoor motorcycle cover is that it must be 100% waterproof. After all, you always want to be able to drive away on a completely dry bike and not have to dry it first. The ALFA and DELTA motorcycle covers are both made of 100% waterproof 300D polyester material.

This 300D polyester material is woven with great density from strong polyester threads, provided with a waterproof PU coating on the inside and a water-repellent coating on the outside. This ensures that water does not have a chance to penetrate and the material remains in top condition for a long time, even with intensive use.

Breathable outdoor motorcycle cover

Despite the waterproof material we use for our motorcycle covers, moisture can still accumulate under a motorcycle cover in one of the following ways:

  • The motorcycle has not completely cooled down when the cover is placed. When the motorcycle cools down under the cover and temperature differences arise between inside and outside the cover, condensation may form.
  • The motorcycle is placed on a damp surface / above a puddle. When this moisture evaporates/rises, it can accumulate under the cover.
  • The motorcycle is not completely dry when the motorcycle cover is placed over the motorcycle.

    To give moisture as much opportunity as possible to escape from under the cover, all our motorcycle covers have two covered air-vents on both sides. These cause an air flow that allows moisture to escape through the openings.
  • Motorcycle cover for winter

    In winter, a motorcycle parked outdoors has to deal with rain, frost and sometimes even snow. The wind is also generally stronger in autumn/winter than in spring/summer. This means that a motorcycle cover that is mainly used in winter will have a harder time than a cover that is used in summer. Certainly relevant to include in the selection of a motorcycle cover.

    Within the DS COVERS range, the ALFA motorcycle cover is the motorcycle cover more suitable for the winter season. It is the ‘heavier’ cover in our range and therefore the best resistant to the mentioned weather elements.

    Motorcycle cover for the summer

    Do you mainly ride your bike during the ‘motorcycle season’ and is it parked outside your house, for example? Then the DELTA motorcycle cover could be a smart choice for you. It is a compact and lightweight motorcycle cover and therefore perfect for protecting your motorcycle against rain and dust in the spring/summer. But also be sure to consider pollen or bird droppings.

    Because the DELTA motorcycle cover can be folded fairly small into the supplied storage bag, it is also the ideal motorcycle cover to take with you on a motorcycle holiday.

    If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact us.