Aprilia scooter cover

For proper protection of your Aprilia scooter, DS COVERS offers various high-quality scooter covers for in- & outdoor use. The brief specifications per scooter cover, price and size advice for your Aprilia can be found in the table below.

The below size advice is based on the scooter dimensions as indicated by Aprilia. If you have installed magnifying accessories or parts on your Aprilia scooter, such as cases, racks and/or crash bars, you may need a larger size than advised below. By clicking on a price in the table, you will be referred to the corresponding scooter cover suitable for your Aprilia.

If you can’t find your Aprilia in the table or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Aprilia modellen
  1. CUP scooter cover
    • For outdoor use
    • Elastic hem
    • Double stitched seams
    • Air-vents
    • Lock-openings
    • Adjustable strap
  2. BARR scooter cover
    • For indoor use
    • Elastic hem
    • Double stitched seams
    • Breathable and water repellent