SUNN car cover

Fully tailor-made

$ 458,16$ 665,34

  • Protection against rain, dust, frost and UV.
  • Tailor-made to the model of your car.
  • Mirror pockets in correct position.
  • Strong elastic hem.
  • Soft inside (prevents scratches).
  • Easy to handle, weight +/- 3 kg.
  • Material: 3-layer polyester with soft inner side (330 grams).
  • Double-stitched seams with water-repellent thread.
  • Comes in a handy storage bag.

Fully tailor-made

Our workshop has thousands of detailed patterns of modern and classic cars. Therefore we are able to make a car cover completely tailor-made and, for example, place mirror pockets in exactly the right position. Additionally, the fit of the cover follows the contours of your car which doesn’t only gives the best protection but also looks aesthetically beautiful.


The material of the SUNN car cover consists of 3 layers. The outer layer is a 100% polyester layer, the middle layer is a waterproof polyurethane layer and the inner layer is a soft brushed material. The outer layer is provided with a water-repellent coating (Bionic Finish) so that raindrops run off the material quickly. The seams are double stitched with water-repellent thread.


De SUNN outdoor car cover is available in five colors: dark green, red, grey, dark blue and black.

Logo printing

Printing a logo on the SUNN outdoor car cover is possible. If you choose this, we will print your car’s brand logo centered on the hood position with a width of 30 cm. If you have other wishes regarding a logo print, for example the logo of your company or club, please contact us for the possibilities.

Mirror pockets

For cars that have two side mirrors as standard, we apply mirror pockets in the correct position. For cars where side mirrors were optional, mostly from before 1972, our standard cover patterns are based on the original car model without side mirrors. For many of these cars we can, if desired, fit mirror pockets in the cover. If so, please contact us.

Storage bag

The SUNN outdoor car cover is supplied in a handy storage bag in which the cover can be stored when not in use. Always ensure that the cover is clean and dry before storing.

Delivery time

As the SUNN outdoor car cover is completely tailor-made to your car in our workshop, the delivery time after ordering is approx. 4 weeks.

Car not in database?

Can't select your car? Then fill in the request form. In many cases we can still supply you with a suitable car cover.

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