CARGO bike cover

Based on

2 wheelers
3 wheelers

$ 98,13$ 109,04

  • Protection against rain, dust, frost and UV.
  • With lock holes for a chain lock.
  • Strong elastic hem.
  • Adjustable strap with buckle closure underneath.
  • Double stitched seams with anti-water tape.
  • Material: 300D polyester (100% waterproof).
  • Comes in a handy storage bag.
  • Made for outdoor protection

    A cargo bike is ideal for taking your children to school/nursery or for shopping. The only drawback is that cargo bikes often just don't fit in the shed or garage and are therefore often parked outside. Wind and weather then have free rein, which affects the lifespan of a cargo bike. That is why we recommend protecting a cargo bike that is parked outside with a CARGO bike cover.

    Our CARGO bike cover is made of strong, durable 300D polyester, 100% waterproof and available in 4 variants: a 2-wheeler and a 3-wheeler version, both with and without rain tent. As a result, the CARGO bike cover can be used on almost all cargo bikes from the most common brands, such as, Babboe, Urban Arrow and Johnny Loco.


Fitting perfectly on Babboe Flow

(verified owner)


I was a bit concerned about the price as there are bike covers out there for half the price or even less, but I have to give it to DS Covers, it’s worth the extra price.
It’s made from a thick, high quality fabric and it fits perfectly my Babboe Flow with a rain tent. It’s just perfect – not too big not too small, holding on well but still not hard to get on the bike. It held really well against the strong wind (50+ kmph) when a cover on my regular bike got almost torn off.
Overall I can definitely recommend. At 100 EUR consider it an investment in your bike with likely costs thousands of euro. Totally worth it.

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