LUNA motorhome cover

In & outdoor
Var. lengths

$ 216,75$ 303,47

  • Protection against rain, dust, frost and UV.
  • Air-vents to prevent condensation.
  • PVC reinforced corners.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Strong elastic hem (front and rear).
  • Adjustable straps (4) with buckle closure underneath.
  • Zipper openings on right side for access.
  • Tightening possible front and rear.
  • Material: 4-ply non-woven polypropylene + PU.
  • Comes in handy storage bag.
  • How to place the LUNA motorhome cover?

    1. Unroll the cover completely in front of the motorhome with the zippers up.
    2. Open the zippers.
    3. Pull the cover completely over the motorhome (conveniently using a kitchen ladder).
    4. Close the zippers.
    5. If necessary, tighten the cover at the front and/or rear with the supplied tension cord.
    6. Secure the cover under the motorhome using the the adjustable buckle straps.

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