ROOF convertible top cover

$ 96,53

  • Protection against rain, dust, frost and UV.
  • Also against bird droppings, tree resin and pollen.
  • Suitable for any convertible/coupe/sedan roof (3 universal sizes).
  • Easy to install and remove/store.
  • Attachment around the side mirrors and using elastic bands around the front and rear of the car.
  • Stays in place in strong winds/storms.
  • Material 300D polyester; easy to rinse clean.
  • Comes in handy storage bag.
  • Protect your convertible top

    Nothing better than driving in a convertible with open roof when the weather permits. A soft top also gives a convertible a stylish, sporty appearance. However; Most convertible roofs are a lot more vulnerable than a regular car roof. If your convertible is parked outside for a longer period, protecting the convertible top can be a good idea.

    Most convertibles have a 'fabric' convertible roof or soft top. In open air, it is exposed to various weather elements, all of which have an effect on the hood. Consider, for example, UV, rain (with Sahara sand) and possibly snow. Most convertible roofs can 'normally' withstand this, but they do a roof no good in the long term or with frequent exposure. And although not 'weather influences', bird droppings, pollen and tree resin are certainly not pleasant for a convertible roof too. Things that a convertible top likes to be protected against.

    The ROOF convertible top cover protects against all these matters and keeps a convertible roof in optimal condition for longer. With three sizes, the ROOF convertible top cover is available for every convertible. The cover is delivered folded in a handy storage bag, which can easily be carried in any trunk space. The material is 300D polyester, which is easy to rinse clean after the cover has become dirty, for example due to bird droppings or tree resin.


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